Speaking Geek!

Corp Comm

Trust me I understand the pain many end users feel when it comes to Audio Visual and Information Technology needs. 

I know my customers think of all the complicated gear that goes into even the most basic Audio Visual based events and sigh. I know why - most of my clients have a good understanding of the Technology but not about 'Geek Speak'.   

That's because Geek Speak is not what Audio Visual is about - Geek Speak was invented so that no one could understand what was being said - so that people might order more stuff - 'just to be sure'. 

Riverwest clients don't stress about what goes on behind the curtain simply becuase we Don't let them. We are technology experts - many of our clients are meeting planners - or is the case these days they are an Administrative Assistant handed the impossible task of planning a meeting for 500 people at a hotel across the country and they have 2 months and no staff to help. 


The last thing anyone in this situation needs to worry about is what AV widgets are best for the job. Most people really need/want to know that what is in the room will work best for the event and that meets the budget requirements of the meeting. That's how it should be - unfortunately that's not the normal procedures for many AV companies.  They speak 'Geek'. They speak Geek endlessly.  They speak Geek in tones only the IT Tech living in the basement would care to understand.

Now don't get me wrong - we can easily speak as much geek as you can stomach. Some of our clients need to hear Geek - it affords them a comfortable environment as it puts them at ease with their presentors. For the most part though - Geek speak is unproductive and non-communiative.  If a major researcher who is publishing a paper the week of his presentation is coming up to the Dais the last thing they care about is the minutia of what gear is supporting their presentation. They demand (literally and figuratively) simplicity. Meeting planners, Admins they know this.  We know this. We don't speak Geek - we speak the language that everyone uses. We speak English ( or Spanish, German, French, or Chinese). 

For Example - Riverwest translates 'The Spectrum Accurate 15K Double Bifuricated TripleRedundant Projector ' into 'Yes your photos will have exact colors you expect on those giant screens' That goes to the heart of the matter. That  addresses the concern.  And that's what we know people want to know about AV Equipment. Does our gear do the job I need it to do? 

In the future - call us for AV translations. It's free and complimentary Call me - Nathan  at 877.295.8510 - The Geek Speak Translator Hotline.