Audio/Visual Service Supplier Turns to New Technology to power new platform to webcast in HD.

February 18, 2013

Research Triangle Park, NC, February 18, 2013 — When Riverwest launched its Rivercast©2013 webcasting division in March 2012, a new bar was set for video broadcast quality and efficiency. Riverwest is now set to broadcast a virtual event to hundreds – or multiple thousands - of individuals, Riverwest newest division RiverCast now offers advanced webcasting solutions all budget levels.

"We have the most robust offerings for companies seeking to stream audio and video to their customers, partners, shareholders or employees. We also offer cross platform usage –meaning everyone can attend using his or her’s smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop etc… No limitations. And we now offer ‘IR’ type voting from any device as well."

Riverwest Technology Management clientele spans services for corporate, convention, and entertainment events.  When the company’s President Nathan West learned of the intelligence behind the new Sony Anycaster systems, he sought the advanced technology solution to bring Riverwest’s event support to a new level. 

“We were impressed with the superior reliability and quality of our new Sony webcasting product and immediately recognized how beneficial it would be to add their robotic cameras that offer HD quality camera’s of uncompromising video quality. In addition we paid a lot of attention to Social Media tie ins to Webcasts - now we can give our clients a fantastic cross media platform!” said West.

Riverwest offers world-class customer support to help make your webcasts as powerful and effective as possible. RiverCast can supply production service worldwide, with signal acquisition,  satellite services, or ISP provisioning as well facilitating a webcast with client owned technology.

Please call 1-877-295-8510 and talk to Nathan or Mike to learn more.